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Gatsby Initial Ring - Fifteen Colors



Gatsby Initial Ring 

  • 18-karat yellow gold
  • Measurements 15mm wide by 18mm long
  • Open Band
  • Slip On
  • Universal Sizing 
  • Enamel 
  • Available Colors 
  • Bubble Gum Pink, Lavender, White, Baby Blue, Royal Blue, Turquoise, Emerald Green, Burgundy, Neon Pink, Neon Green, Red, Black, Orange, Purple, Fuchsia
  • Ships in 2 to 3 weeks 


Enamel Technique:

The Enamel used on our pieces is a type of allochromatic glass that consists usually of quartz sand, iron oxide, potassium oxide (potash) and borax (flux). These components form a transparent and colorless fondant after firing at temperatures between 700 and 900 degrees Celsius. Their plethora of colors are established by addition of different metal oxides and/or chlorides. After thoroughly crushing and washing these materials a hydrated mass is formed (a fondant) which is then applied on a suitable, and completely clean metal. 


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